We build scalable Cybersecurity Operations.

Zealously delivering outside the box solutions to tough Cybersecurity Operations problems.

Process Optimization

We believe in the power of mindfully-documented processes to make it easier for teams to execute across complex SecOps functions. We work with you to design processes that are scalable and repeatable, making it easier for analysts to onboard and operate.

Automation Development

No one wants to spend their time idly pressing buttons. We work within your existing SOAR or develop custom code to automate your most annoying tasks. Let us help your team spend more time catching bad guys and less time performing busywork.

Consulting Services

We're experts in security automation, detection, and response. Not sure where to start? We can cover the basics with a process review, use case development, and a tabletop exercise.

Process with a purpose.

Going from 0 to 1 is our specialty. Our design philosophy makes sure that every process, detection, and vulnerability exclusion has a reason for being. We design, then iterate. This is a mentality that we bring to every service, from advisory to automation.

Let's Solve Your Problem.

We're always thrilled to brainstorm. Send us a note and we'll find a solution to your security operations problem.

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